How to Download Facebook Videos Easily in Firefox

Facebook videos are getting more popular now. Unfortunately, there is no official option to download it. So if you found a very interesting video then you can only share it only in Facebook. But for a normal user an option to download the video or to share to other services like WhatsApp or Hike will be handy. There are many ways to download a Facebook video. But I got a simple method to do it in Firefox without using any plugins or tools. Want to know? Continue reading.

Choose a video

Play the video you want to download. Don’t worry about data. Playing the video will let Firefox cache it in memory. So when we start downloading it will use it to extend the download progress.

Open Inspector

This is a built-in tool inside Firefox. It mostly used by web developers to analyze the structure of website. To open it press CTRL+SHIFT+I. And select Inspector tab if it is not already selected. It will look something like below picture. Now click on the button in top left corner.

Analyze Code

Just click on the video that is playing to get the information about the video. When you click on the video it will show something like this.

Now look at the inspector. You can see a

You can either press and hold CTRL and click on the link. Or you can right click on it and choose Open Link in New Tab. Or if you want to use a download manger then click on the Copy Link Address and add it to your favorite download manger. That’s it!

Sorry Chrome users. Chrome has same inspector tool but in chrome Facebook uses Blobs to play the video. So it is technically difficult than this. I will explain that in another article.

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