Avoid Updates through WiFi in Windows 10

WiFi is always considered as an unlimited source of internet in all operating systems. But this is not the case always. Sometimes the WiFi network may be a hotspot sharing mobile carrier internet which will be limited and probably expensive. So in such cases we cannot let the operating system use as much as data as it wants for updates. In Windows 10, there is no option to disable the updates. But we can avoid this situation with a simple setting.

This setting is called Metered Connection. A metered connection is a connection with limited data usage. We can tell Windows that my network is a metered connection. So windows will not use the network for updating operating system components and store apps. To do enable this follow the below steps.

First click on the WiFi icon in the notification area.

Then click on the Network Settings link.

There it will show your network. Below it there will be Advanced Options link. Click on that.

In the new page take a look at the second section which is titled as Metered Connection. There is a toggle to on or off the setting. Simply enable it to make the network a metered connection.

Done. Now windows will pause all the update tasks and leave the entire bandwidth for you.

But make sure any other apps are not using internet. Because this setting will disable only the background updates of Windows. All other apps will continue to use the internet.

In upcoming post I will tell you how you can block apps from using internet in your computer.