Artham Dictionary Update 1.1

A week before when I released first build of Artham, I got lot of feedback and suggestions. That inspired me to work for the next version that day itself. I have posted the process of building the Artham app in my previous post. I continued working on improving the app and adding the suggested features in it. And after one week after the initial build here is the second update of Artham. Hope you will like it.

Improved Recent Searches Section

In first build recent searches where just a list of 5 words. When you tap on it app will bring the meaning. 5 was a very small number and there were no option to delete that list. Actually I forgot to do that in first build. Many people suggested the same thing. So here it is.

There is trash icon near to the recent search title. By clicking it the entire recent search list will be cleared. Also you can delete individual items by long pressing any of them. This will delete only that particular word. So you can keep the rest of history intact.

And I have increased the number of recent items to 10. I have still applied a limit because if I increase it even more it will affect the UI performance. In future updates you can expect more customization to this.


Now you can hear the pronunciation of words by taping on the speaker icon in the meaning page. You need to have any Text to Speech engines in your phone to make this work. You can either use Google Text to Speech engine, which is built in many phones. You can check this in your Settings, Accessibility section. PicoTTS is also another option which is more lightweight.

You can also do voice search by taping the microphone icon in the keyboard that appears when you tap in the search field. I haven't added a dedicated button for this because it is a feature that is built in to Android.

Other Improvements

I have changed the UI a little bit. I changed the recent searches section into a card like interface. I think it is much better than the previous. It also helped me to find a better position for the trash and speaker icons. The search field section was a little bit big. I reduced its size too so that there will be more room for the below sections. I also optimized code and removed some unwanted things.

I hope everyone will update to new version. There is no much difference in the app size, only 20KB is increased I think. So try it, give feedback and write a review in Play Store. If you like it rate 5 stars and share it with your friends. Cheers guys !!