Connect Network Storage to Android Smartphone

Yes! It may sound insane but it really works!! When I copy movies and songs to my phone I always wished if i could get a few more gigs. Sometimes my phone would run out of space at the right moment when I need it the most. I believe I'm not the only one who had this feeling. So I just found a solution to my problem. And I'm here to share it with you. Follow me!

What we are going to do here is sharing the hard disk storage in your Laptop or PC to Android smartphone over WiFi. You can access the contents and write to it. That means you can backup all the files in your smart phone to your hard disk without touching the data cable. You can connect your external hard disks, pendrives, memory cards and even DVD to your computer and share it in this way. So theoretically there is no storage limit. You will get an average of 5 MB/S transfer speed while accessing the files. This technique doesn't need an internet connection, just a WiFi network is enough. So you may use your modem WiFi network for this or you can create a hotspot for establishing a network.

First connect your smartphone and your PC to the WiFi network.

In your PC you must have set a password to login into it. If you have not, this will not work properly. Another way is to make a new user with a password from control panel and use that account for this purpose.

Now press Win + R to get the Run Command. Type cmd and press Enter to get Command Prompt.

In Command Prompt type ipconfig and press Enter. This will show your IP Configuration in which you can find the IP address of your PC in the WiFi network in the section called Wireless LAN adapter Wi-Fi. In my case it is Just note it down. We need it later.

Now open Explorer and choose the drive you want to share. I am sharing my 250 GB partition D:

Right click on it and select Properties.

It Properties page select Sharing tab and click Advanced Sharing button.

In the Advanced Sharing window check Share this folder option. You can change the share name if you want. It is just for a show. After that click on Permissions.

Here we will set the permissions. By default there will be Everyone in the list. You don't want everyone in the WiFi network access your files. So select it and click Remove.

Now click on Add.

In the text box enter your name as it is shown in your login screen or start menu etc. Then click on Check Names.

Now it will auto fill your name in the proper format. If it didn't show up properly then there is a mistake in the name you entered, double check it. After that click OK.

Now in the users list you can see your account listed. But in the permissions list only Read will be checked. That means you can only Read the contents. You cannot write to it. So lets give Full Control.

Click OK in all Windows.

Now take your smartphone. For this part I am using ES File Explorer. If your file manager has a LAN option then you can use that too. The steps will be almost similar.

First open ES File Explorer.

Open the menu. Then from Network section click on LAN.

Now click on New.

In the form give the IP Address of your PC in the Server field. Your user name and password in the corresponding fields. You can also give a name. I gave it as Laptop.

If everything went correctly it will get listed in the LAN page.

Open it. You can see the drive I shared D. I have also share my other drives too. Never mind. Just open it.

Now you will be able to access the files inside it.

Here is an image.

A song playing.

Sherlock Holmes ! And with subtitles. MX Player is smart enough to get it from this protocol too. And the stream is super smooth.

If you have a speed monitor like Internet Speed Meter installed then you can see the speed of the transfer.

For me it was just like accessing my internal memory or SD card. It was super smooth and it gave me extra 250 GB to store my movies and songs. And I don't need to copy my files, I don't need a data cable. It is completely wireless. I found it very helpful when shooting long videos.

I hope this will help you too. If you got stuck somewhere just let me know. I'm happy to help.