Access WAMP Server in Smartphones

Every website is becoming responsive nowadays. Responsive design makes the website appear more user friendly across different devices with different screen width. When it comes to design a website that adapts such changes some developers adjust their browser window to see the how it looks like. But the best way to check a design is to test it in real devices. I'm using WAMP for the development because I found it more simple and light weight. So I will explain how to access the WAMP server website in the smartphone. Of course this can be done in any smartphones with network facility.

First connect the PC and the Android device to same WiFi network.

Now start the WAMP server and check whether it is running properly by opening http://localhost/ in your PC browser.

Now we should make WAMP server accessible across the network. For this click on the WAMP server icon in the notification area.

In the menu click on the last item which is Put Online. This basically modifies the Apache's configuration file and changes the IP Address it listens to.

Next step is to find out the IP address of the PC in the WiFi network.

Press Win + R to get the Run Command window. Type cmd and press Enter to open Command Prompt.

Type ipconfig and press Enter to show the IP Configuration details. In the output find the IP address for the Wireless LAN adapter Wi-Fi. In my case it is

Now open the Browser in smart phone and navigate to

Done. Now you have access to the website you hosted in the WAMP server in your PC. Test your website's responsive design this way for more effective testing process.